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Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. As well as this being a very emotional time, there are often legal formalities that you will need to deal with such as applying for grants of probate and dealing with the administration of the deceased’s estate. Such formalities can seem very daunting and can be a big responsibility but our experienced and sensitive team can offer you not only the assistance you require in respect of these legal formalities but also provide emotional support throughout the process, irrespective of the circumstances of your case and size of the estate.

We can assist you with as much or as little as you would like and can tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Whether you require assistance filling in probate and inheritance tax forms or whether you would like to instruct us to deal with the entire probate and administration process, we are here to help.

Simple Estates

The definition of a Simple Estate is one where there is no Inheritance Tax to pay and where all Assets are located within England and Wales.

If we are instructed to obtain the Grant of Probate only, the Executors will be expected to provide us with all financial information in relation to the Deceased’s Assets and Liabilities e.g. Bank Account statements, property valuations, debts owed etc.

Our costs for dealing with a simple Estate are likely to increase in the event that financial information relating to the Estate is not provided or deemed to be incorrect, disputes occur between Executors, the Estate becomes contentious, or in the event that we are required to deal with complex assets such as Timeshares, company shares etc.

Our fixed fee for this service is £1,250 plus VAT with the addition of disbursements.

Complex Estates

The definition of a Complex Estate is one where Inheritance Tax is payable and in some instances  where the location of  or type of asset as such requires the completion of the IHT400 Inheritance Tax Account Form and all necessary schedules.  It will include for example, stock market investments, multiple bank accounts, several beneficiaries, one or more properties and it may involve obtaining Probate overseas. There may be disputes between Executors, or the Estate may be contentious. Following discussions at your initial appointment, the complexity of the Estate will be determined.

If we are instructed to deal with a Complex Estate, we will obtain valuations for all financial information relating to the Deceased’s Assets and Liabilities on behalf of the Executors.

Our costs for dealing with a Complex Estate would be calculated on an hourly rate basis. Our current hourly rate is £260 plus VAT with the addition of disbursements.

Powers of Attorney

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