Knowing that your affairs are in order and that those left behind are looked after following your death is very reassuring for both you and your family. Having a will in place can ensure that your family, friends and perhaps even your favourite charities will be looked after in the terms you require.

We understand that each person’s circumstances are different but our specialist team are here to assist you in ensuring that your individual requirements are met and that an appropriate will is drawn up to reflect these circumstances.

In the event that you do not have a valid will in place when you die, your estate will pass under what is known as the intestacy rules and this may mean that people whom you did not want to inherit your estate, could do.

Finally, we understand that life can often change sometimes unexpectedly and therefore if you do have a will, and would like us to review this with you with a view to updating it then this is also something we would be happy to assist you with.

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